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North's Millwork

At North’s Millwork, we sell thousands of custom and surplus building material products each year. We receive surplus inventory from both distributors and manufacturers. We understand how helpful it would be to provide our customers with a complete online inventory of our items, but we also know how important our low prices are to our surplus shoppers. Instead, we highlight some of our favorite deals on this website and encourage people to visit our store to view our complete inventory.

Also, if we don’t have the exact door or trim you’re looking for we’re happy to custom design and build each item to your, or your builder’s, exacting specifications. Our goal is happy customers in beautiful homes. 

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Happy Customers

You won't find a better price, period. They beat the big box stores by more than 50%. A rare gem.

Cody Willbanks Customer

Great guys with great prices​

Cathie Greer Customer

Ordered doors and trims, done in time, reasonable price. Great guys

Nathan Galagher Customer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between interior and exterior doors?

    Exterior doors usually built of wood or woodgrain cores surrounded by layers of steel or metal for maximum temperature control and security.
    Interior doors are built to be lighter and thinner than exterior doors and often feature a hollow core

    Can you use an interior door as an exterior door?

    Never use an interior door for an exterior entryway. No matter how well you protect the door with paint, it will warp and come apart in a few years. A hollow-core flush interior door is a common choice for new construction.

    What are trims and Moldings?

    TRIM is a general term that refers to all molding in a home

    What are the four types of molding?

    Here's a quick look at where to apply specific types of moulding in your home: Wall and ceiling: Chair rail, panel moulding, wainscoting, picture rail and crown moulding.